The No More Corruption Maui Oath

No More Corruption Maui is calling on all 2018 electoral candidates to take an Anti-Corruption Oath, that they will no longer tolerate Business as Usual here in Maui County.

Our County Charter is Maui’s “Constitution.”  It empowers our County Council to reign in the exploitation that’s been running rampant here for so long. We look forward to a 2019 Council that has a cohesive majority and the political will to root out corruption once and for all.

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No More Corruption  Maui Oath:
I ________________(name) vow to uphold the Maui County Charter with integrity and due diligence; being accountable and holding to account those tasked with implementing the laws and rules of Maui County, especially as to Articles 9 and 13, Section 9-12 and 13-13 respectively. I pledge to investigate all evidence of wrongdoing with the powers granted under the Charter; to make all findings and conclusions available to the public without undue delay, carrying out this duty entrusted to me by the electorate.